Mastering the Art of Beauty Course

Mastering beauty makeup is necessary for any makeup artist regardless of what makeup artistry or makeup effects industry you choose to specialize. This vocational, 520-hour course is an in-depth study of the skills and attention to detail required for beauty makeup. We start by going over supplies, tools and their uses, the appropriate sanitation, personal hygiene for a makeup artist, industry terms and vocabulary words, how to identify different face and eye shapes, and the understanding of color theory as it relates to makeup artistry.

Once you have mastered the essentials of makeup artistry, you are ready to move on to learn techniques demonstrated through live, interactive presentations. Students will practice techniques and special formulas to achieve and create different styles of eye shadow looks ranging from natural to avant-garde, facial highlighting and contouring, color correction, complexion matching, editorial makeup, lipstick and liner application, proper eyebrow placement and fill-in techniques, false eyelash application, and the proper use of powder and cheek color.

Students also learn the mechanical aspects and use of airbrush equipment related to beauty to advance their skills and knowledge. When completed, students will have a solid understanding of the tools and materials required to be versatile in combining traditional makeup with the use of airbrush applications.

Lastly, students will learn how to start and manage their careers. Students will be given conceptual direction to create and implement makeup designs and looks that clearly compliment the appropriate concepts. Students will apply makeup on models for a series of photo shoots designed to simulate actual working environments. Photo shoots will be captured digitally in our photo studio for the student to use in his or her portfolio. Student will be provided all raw images throughout their program of study to use for their personal and portfolio use.

Courses Outline:

  • Introduction – 6.5 hrs
    Student orientation: School policies and procedures, product brand knowledge, makeup kit introduction, textbook overview.
  • Fundamentals of Makeup Artistry – 19 hrs.
    Sanitation and infections, color theory, anatomy of the face, skin care, tools and their uses, face charts.
  • Complexion – 52 hrs.
    Color matching and different skin tones, identifying skin undertones, color correction, highlight and contouring, lips, cheeks and eyeliner application, proper client consultations.
  • Eye Shadow Technique – 85 hrs.
    Principles of layering, creating gradation, crease placement, blending techniques, working with neutral tones, working with darker tones, L Makeup Institute key looks, working with different pigments, false eyelash application.
  • Specialized Makeup Looks –149.5 hrs.
    Bridal makeup, mature makeup, women of color, HD & film makeup, teen makeup, natural makeup, evolution of makeup and time periods, tattoo cover, trends, as well as other beauty looks.
  • Editorial Makeup – 130 hrs.
    Dynamic eye makeup, editorial makeup, avant-garde, fantasy makeup, drag makeup, trend makeup, applying rhinestone and appliques, cuts and bruises, old age.
  • Airbrush Beauty – 32.5 hrs.
    Operating your equipment, practice exercises, distance, applying beauty makeup, incorporating traditional makeup with airbrush makeup.
  • Job Education – 13 hrs.
    Shaping your professional image, creating your portfolio, personal image and attitude, your brand, marketing yourself, career options, earning potential, creating your resume, student employment portal.
  • Review & Assignments – 19.5 hrs.
    Preparation and course review for written and practical final exam, review of all key looks, speed training.
  • Photo Shoot – 13 hrs.
    Experience working behind the camera in a studio environment, learn how makeup translates on film, how to pose your model and give direction.

Upon successful completion, the student will be prepared to work as an entry level Beauty Make-Up Artist. Fields requiring makeup artists with this type of training include, but are not limited to: freelance, salons, weddings, special events, photo shoots, runway, print, film and television, videos, and retail cosmetics.




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TOP Alumni Stories

  • Tirza GrantTirza Grant

    A month before I graduated from L Makeup Institute, I was hired as a freelance makeup artist with Too Faced Cosmetics. Soon after, I auditioned with Makeup Forever and earned the opportunity to join their artist team.

    After several years of freelance work, I made the bold decision to start my own business and launch GetReady makeup agency, and truly thank L Makeup for everything they taught me!

  • Wendy Ryan SheltonWendy Ryan Shelton

    Wendy graduated from the L Makeup Institute in 2012. Since then, Wendy has been all over the world keeping her celebrity clientele looking fabulous, including The Backstreet Boys, The Killers, All 4 One, Amy Purdy, German superstar Capo Milano, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss Universe, local celebrity Jennifer Ramos and the Sexxy Show, Emily England, Israeli 'The Voice' winner Lina Makhoul, Stevie Boi, Cami Li, John Wackerman, among others.

    Her work has been featured in Playboy, AARP, Rolling Stone, Lifestyle Magazine, Mass Media Magazine, and many other magazines, as well as being the beauty director of TFW Magazine, sponsored by Xbox. You can find her published articles in Horse Power in Heels, New Face Magazine, and L'Vegue Vegas Magazine.

  • Adolfo BarretoAdolfo Barreto

    After I graduated from L Makeup Institute I started my career in entertainment, working in film, print, commercials, television, and red carpet events. The technical training I received really set me apart from the industry, helping me to achieve my dreams on Sci-Fi Channel’s hit show, Face Off.

    Currently Adolfo is Lead Makeup Technician for “O” by Cirque du Soleil” and is also a returning Guest Artist at the L Makeup Institute

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